The Story


Part of the Chicago art scene, Isabelle Gougenheim Designs creates artworks with deep meaning. Her paintings and drawings are visual and sensorial experiences, that should be lived, felt and understood differently by each individual.

By using neon “emergency” colors as well as dots, crosses and other patterns, the French native artist brings life and rhythm to her blank canvas. She invites the viewer to enter her unique world and discover the characters that live into it.

The main character, called “The Owner”, is always placed in the middle. “The Owner” can appear as different shapes but always appears as a powerful person such as a woman samurai or a king. All the other characters hide in the painting: sometimes, they hide so well that only their eyes or their breathing is noticeable.

With her paintings, Isabelle Gougenheim aims to leave the viewer wondering about simple living matters. What is “The Owner” feeling? What does a regular day for M. Barry, or King Rez looks like? By listening to the sound of the artwork and understanding the world in which the characters are evolving, viewers can imagine and recreate this world with their own interpretation and story.