Isabelle Gougenheim

Scarves with Soul and Street Cred
By merging abstractionism with real imagery, Isabelle Gougenheim creates eye-catching luxury silk scarves and jackets with colorful artworks and images - free-spirited creations, inspired by street art and graffiti that will transport you to faraway places.
Growing up in France, the fashion capital of the world, Isabelle Gougenheim uses fabric as an authentic medium to express her creativity and passion. Her sketches are transformed into wearable art scarves and jackets when printed on luxuriously soft silk and modal fabric.
Both multi-faceted and multi-functional, Isabelle Gougenheim's designs allow for creation and exploration. Whether it's her scarves, which can effortlessly be transformed into a belt or headband, or her reversible jackets, each one of her pieces is more than meets the eye.
Scarves are the epitome of the classic Parisian style. I wanted to pay tribute to this accessory that is so closely into the French culture by taking the concept further", says Isabelle Gougenheim. "By creating a collage of fleeting images, moments and places, I aim to bring life to my paintings. My scarves and vests are directly inspired by these creations - bringing an artistic and colorful and chic touch to any outfit."
A significant accomplishment for the French-American artist Isabelle Gougenheim, her luxury silk scarves were selected by the Louvre Abu Dhabi as well as many other fashion boutiques and museums worldwide (Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Chicago, Paris, Miami, San Francisco, Abu Dhabi...).
About the artist
Isabelle Gougenheim, who is based in Chicago, is from Strasbourg, France. Before launching her own brand, she worked for Holly Hunt Collection, and was a partner at the Kevin Reilly Collection. Having such a versatile background in numerous design disciplines allows Isabelle Gougenheim to take inspiration from industrial aesthetics, venerates vibrant colors, and therefore to produce quality, inspiring luxury silk scarves.