Isabelle Gougenheim

Isabelle Gougenheim is a French-born American artist known for her vibrant and intricate artwork. Born in Saint-Dié, France, near Strasbourg, Isabelle grew up surrounded by rich history and culture. She earned a master’s degree in Art and Ethnology from Les Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg and spent six months living with the Berber tribes in Morocco, an experience that deeply influenced her artistic perspective.

Twenty-seven years ago, Isabelle moved to Chicago to pursue a career in art and high-end furnishings, working for Holly Hunt and later becoming a partner at Kevin Reilly collection. In 2018, she fully embraced her passion for art, using scarves as her canvas and creating complex, colorful designs. Her work, described as an organize chaos, complex, and avant-garde, reflects her knowledge, life experiences, and views on contemporary society.

Recognized as one of Chicago's top rising artists in 2024, Isabelle's art invites viewers to explore and interpret, creating a personal connection with each piece. A memorable moment in her life includes rock climbing Devils Tower in Wyoming in 1999.

Isabelle Gougenheim's art is a journey of the imagination, balancing empty spaces, colors, and shapes, and inviting viewers into a dialogue with her world. She invites her audience to explore and connect with her metaphorical world, making each piece an interactive experience.