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Isabelle Gougenheim Designs proudly offers a selection of designer scarves, crafted in the high-quality Italian workshops and inspired by vibrant street art and French luxury. Each scarf and jacket is based on an original artwork hand-painted by Chicago-based designer, Isabelle Gougenheim, and her team, creating wearable art that you can enjoy for years to come.

Explore our universe and discover our unique collection of designer scarves and kimono jackets.  

Isabelle Gougenheim's designer scarves boast vibrant and creative designs, inspired by graffiti and street art. These unique pieces of wearable art are created on luxurious silk or modal fabrics, and feature abstract expressionism combined with real-life imagery in each design. With the ability to be easily transformed into belts or headbands, and reversible jackets that come with hidden surprises, these scarves add a touch of artistic flair and chic to any outfit. Already being recognized by renowned institutions such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and various fashion boutiques, Gougenheim's luxury scarves have reached high demand all over the world - a testament to her French-American approach to fashion design!