Purple Avatar Silk Modal Scarf
Purple Avatar Silk Modal Scarf
Purple Avatar Silk Modal Scarf

Purple Avatar Silk Modal Scarf

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"Purple Avatar" Silk Scarf: A Harmony of Color and Form by Isabelle Gougenheim

Step into the world of the "Purple Avatar" Silk Scarf, a creation that celebrates the unity of color and contemporary design. Crafted by Isabelle Gougenheim, this scarf is a testament to the beauty of abstract expressionism, rendered on a luxurious silk canvas.

Abstract Palette: Deep purples blend with splashes of vibrant pinks and blues, creating an enigmatic and captivating visual experience.

Silken Expression: The luxurious fabric offers a generous size of 54 x 54 inches, perfect for adorning yourself in a variety of stylish ways, reflecting the modern art it portrays.

Artistic Softness: A composition of 85% Modal and 15% Silk gives this scarf a soft, graceful fall and a rich, tactile sensation.

Effortless Acquisition: Enjoy the simplicity of free US shipping, bringing this wearable piece of art directly to you.

Fashion-Ready: Arriving ready to make a statement, the "Purple Avatar" Silk Scarf is the perfect accessory for those who wish to showcase their individuality and artistic flair.

Simple Care: Designed for longevity, the scarf can be easily cared for with a gentle hand wash and flat drying, ensuring that its colors and form remain as vivid as the day it arrives.

The "Purple Avatar" Silk Scarf is a piece of Isabelle Gougenheim's vision of wearable art that speaks to those who admire the blend of avant-garde aesthetics and luxury in fashion. Visit our selection for more luxury silk scarves that are as unique as you.

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We recommend you hand wash our designs in cold water with mild soap and lay it flat to dry. You can then use an iron to remove any wrinkles.

Alternatively, you can use a steamer or bring the scarves to a professional cleaner.